boxcar+muse is an indulgent and imaginative play space, a connector of diverse women, and a platform for fun and meaningful experiences.

We believe the world will be a safer and even more magnificent place when women are continuously engaged in the joy of exercising their genius.

boxcar+muse is...

  • indulgent and imaginative play space...

    Our permanent location will be your creativity lab and learning gym and your home away from home.

    Our space will be designed to comfort, inspire, connect, jump-start, and support our members. Every woman will be able to muse in our surroundings and explore creativity and self-discovery.

  • ...a connector of diverse women...

    We celebrate the profound importance of women's company and friendship.

    Whether you come to be alone-but-not-lonely or to engage with an intimate crowd, you are welcome.

    Please, come as you are!

  • ...a platform for fun and meaningful experiences

    We offer one-of-a-kind experiences to engage a woman’s creativity and curiosity.

    Our series are collections of workshops taken together, joyful journeys into matters practical, emotional, creative, and intellectual.

    Our clubs offer member-driven and ongoing exploration and activity across a range of quirky and passionate interests.