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How does this work?

boxcar+muse is an inclusive, membership-based community. 

Why membership?

We believe in the power of community. By becoming a recurring member, a woman can foster lasting relationships with other women, and share if she so chooses, in a safe, positive environment.


Coming soon! When we land in our permanent space (soon! We promise!) we will offer use of the space and membership options to enjoy every nook and cranny and benefit thereof. Blah blah blah about our vision for the space – maybe a link to pinterest or a compilation photo? A button to HELP US VOTE!?


Currently, we offer bi-monthly series packages (see our photos of past events here and on Instagram)--see a description of October’s series here at a cost of $TK. The series includes 3-5 specially curated sessions that will offer you peace, joy and excitement!

Want to share your expertise in exchange for membership?