You seem like a non-profit. Why aren't you non-profit?

    While boxcar+muse is indeed mission-driven like a non-profit, we are organized as a for-profit to remain nimble. We’re a young company with a unique business model and potential for growth in several directions—for now we prioritize 1) our ability to move swiftly and to pivot in response to the needs of our members and of each community in which we live, 2) flexibility in funding our operations and growth, and 3) setting a good example by defying stereotypes: we are women who care about profit and we are a for-profit who cares about doing good in the world.

    So, while we envision pursuing a non-profit arm and/or B Corp certification in the future to support our triple bottom line (people, planet, profit), for now, while you can support our efforts by sponsoring a muse’s membership or with gifts-in-kind, the contribution will not be tax-deductible.

      Wait. “Women’s” community? Is this really an "inclusive" club?  I’m trans/non-binary/gender non-conforming/a dude!
      Look, if you think this is the club for you, then it probably is, and we’ll welcome you gladly! Our vision is to provide every woman with the inspiration, tools, space, and comradery she needs to live her fullest life. And we believe the world will be a safer and even more magnificent place when women are continuously engaged in the joy of exercising their genius. We are a women’s community. And part of being a women’s community, for us, is embracing intersectionality, and being welcoming to any person who shares our vision and who feels that they can contribute to, and benefit from, a women’s community.

        How do I register for a boxcar+muse series?
        You can do that right here! We'll confirm with you by email after you register, and tell you anything else you need to know.
          What is a series like?
          You go on a 3- to 5-workshop journey with a group of diverse and kindred spirits. You learn new things and make new friends in a no-pressure, Come As You Are, kind and silly atmosphere. You enjoy healthy treats and take-homes. Absolutely nothing will be expected of you--you don't have to shower, prepare, help out, be in a good mood, or even talk at all (though we're listening if you do!). Just get here and see what happens
            Why do I have to buy a series package—why can’t I just buy the individual workshops I like the most?
            While any one of our workshops would make a great stand-alone event, the secret in our sauce is that we’re not actually selling workshops, per se, but rather a journey, taken with a relatively consistent group of diverse and kindred women. We’re making memories and building community and we've found that a group of three to five shared experiences is a good basis for both.

            We also make sure that we add a lot of value to each individual workshop so that it's worth the price even if you can only attend one. And you can always send a friend in your place if there's a date or two you can't make!
              What happens if I have to miss a workshop?
              Don't worry! You can still register, we want you to! Feel free to send a friend in your stead, just let us know to expect her.
                Where are you located? Where do the workshops take place?
                Our pop-up location is in Highland Park and we send all participants the address and parking instructions in advance. We have a lovely, safe, and comfortable studio as well as an outdoor space and garden. Expect to be both indoors and outside during each experience.