ANTI-OPPRESSION TRAINING with YK Hong (2-sessions)


Please come as you are, wherever you are in the process

to a 2-Part Anti-Oppression Training for Women
on November 11, 3 PM - 6 PM and December 9, 1 PM - 4 PM

"Anti-Oppression is actively working to dismantle systems that uphold and reinforce oppression, changing the way we think, act, and speak to combat inequality, injustice, and violence." (Trainer YK Hong)

When: Two Sessions, Saturdays 11/11 (3-6 PM) and 12/9 (1-4 PM)

Where: Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts (indoors, seated, directions sent to participants)

What: A rigorous and intimate Anti-Oppression Training for women with expert YK Hong. The course goes beyond diversity and inclusion training, beyond political correctness and current events, using an innovative curriculum developed over twenty years of education, research, and community activism. Participants will leave with a better understanding of the kinds of oppression at work in our communities, how the systems interrelate, how participants are personally affected, and what we can do to dismantle oppressive systems. Participants will receive support between and after sessions both from the trainer and from hosts boxcar+muse. This training is meant to be a journey, rather than a stand-alone workshop, and will culminate in strategies for moving forward. Participants must plan to attend both sessions. 

Why: Everyone's got their own reason. To feel empowered, to teach your kid, to run your business, to pick your battles, to learn what terms to use, to shore up Thanksgiving debate skills, to ask awkward questions, to be more loving, to find your blind spots, to learn, to defend, to be a better friend, to give yourself a break from the right-now, to take a class without your kid, to understand, to activate, to connect, to nerd out, to figure out how to make some of this violent awful crap stop, to go back to the beginning...Everyone's got their own way in, their own experiences that brought them here, whether you feel you've ever experienced any kind of oppression (sexism, racism, heterosexism, ableism, Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, ageism, classism, and so on) or not. 

What else: Participants who sign up by Wednesday 11/1 at 1:30 PM will receive a trainer-administered, confidential needs assessment.

Questions? Contact us!

*Participant fees cover the cost of our expert trainer. boxcar+muse is organizing this training as a service to our community and will not financially benefit from it.